About WE Inc.

WE Inc promotes professional development in vascular specialty disciplines through the Vascular Self Assessment Programs (VSAP) portfolio.

The VSAP portfolio includes the Vascular Self Evaluation Program (VSEP) – for those who specialize in vascular surgery, the Self Assessment in Vascular Imaging (SAVI) – for those who specialize in vascular technology, and the Venous Self Assessment Program (VenSAP) – for those who specialize in venous disease.  It also includes our two annual conferences – TEC and VITO.  TEC focuses on endovascular techniques and VITO addresses vascular imaging topics.

These self assessment programs and conferences are designed for vascular specialists including surgeons, physicians, radiologists, and technologists.

This year we are releasing the Vascular Ultrasound Curriculum.  VUC is designed to assist trainees and practicing physicians in learning and updating their skills in vascular ultrasound.